• Games Arcade

    Binary Game This fast-paced, arcade game, played over a million times worldwide, teaches the Binary System.
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  • ccie dc lab date

    I try to book a CCIE DC lab exam at late October Richardson location, but for a few weeks, there is not any available seat for October and the following 3-4 moths, is this true? any suggestion?
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  • Can HWIC-4ESW I/Fs be assigned as to member of ZBFW zone?

    I am trying to prototype a config in Packet Tracer with the 2811 router including HWIC-4ESW module. PT says that it is emulating IOS Version 12.1(3r)T2.   I have created two zones. INSIDE and OUTSIDE.   No...
    Ron Loftus
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  • OSPF and EIGRP routing

    My Engineer ,just want to know if this two routing protocol are the one that we need to focus on for CCNA exam taker or there will be some general question under routing protocols ??
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  • ipv4 DHCP on server

    Carefully check the configuration of DHCP on the  Internal_Server. The  DHCP pool is called POOLV5,  for VLAN 5 devices. Exclude the first 30 IP addresses in the subnet.  Allow 15 dynamic addre...
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  • CCNA Routing and Switching: A Comprehensive Overview: Session 3: Evolution of Enterprise Networks - New Skills Needed

      Evolution of Enterprise Networks - New Skills Needed   Go to: CCNA Routing and Switching Overview and Preparation   Previous Session    Next Session
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  • Query regarding certification tracking

    Hi Team, I have a query related to my certification expiration. Below are my certification details. CCNA  - Passed on January 09th 2014 CCNP Switching - Passed on 05th November 2015 CCNP Routing - Passed on 05th...
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  • Show Liine on CPT

    I am using CPT Version 6.2 and currently setting up a switch C2690 .. But when i input the command   show line   it throws me this error   Switch122#show line       &nbs...
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  • I've heard its retiring?

    Hi there,   I seen a thread earlier that said that the CyberOps course would be retiring?   I'm considering taking this course, studying it and sitting the exam - would this all be rendered for nothing if ...
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  • ACI Fabric Setup: Lesson 3: ACI Controller Demo Part 2

        Lesson 3: ACI Controller Demo Part 2 Presented by Robert Burns   In this third video training lesson in the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Fabric Setup session presented by Robert Burns...
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  • Questions on VRF and the effect on routing tables.

    Hi   can anyone tell me the behaviour of a routing table after Vrf -lite or evn has been introduced on a router? I think once interfaces  are applied to vrfs, these networks  are removed from the glo...
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  • Few Queries About CCENT Exam

    Hi all,   I am a 16 year old student studying Computing Science who would like to further knowledge in Cyber Security and Networking for my career. I am considering taking the courses but since money will need t...
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  • CCIE Richardson Lab availability?

    Has anyone had any issue scheduling a lab exam at the Richardson location? I have read stories of people having to schedule lab exam three to four months out, and even longer because it was full.   Please if yo...
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  • ACI Fabric Setup: Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1

        Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1 Presented by Robert Burns   This is the second video training lesson in the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Fabric Setup session presented by Robert ...
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  • What the heck does instantiate mean???

      Since I've started studying for the CCNA DC cert, I keep coming across the term "instantiate" with no goo definition. I've seen definitions from sites like techopedia and wikipedia, but it really doesn't "clic...
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  • adding in Binary and Decimal

    Hi CLN       if we have this binary values in this picture :- 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0   and we need to convert this number into Decimal , we need Two steps :-   1-  Multiply each decima...
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  • Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial Videos

    Candidates can earn their Cisco certifications by completing specific requirements, which includes passing one or more associated exams. During the exam, candidates may encounter different types of questions including...
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  • route injection Rip

    hello Ever1 , I was studying Rip and stuck in a question For , Route injection based on connectivity of link can any one help me how does it work with some examples ,   thank you in advance.
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  • upgrade VIRL from v1.5.145 to 1.6. failed

    I missed notice before upgrade as I have upgraded from VIRL GUI so after unsucesfull upgrade vhen virl didn't start I continued with recovery procedure (Recover from failed upgrade in release notes) but I wasn't succe...
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  • Exam voucher after the 27th of september..

    Hi everyone,   I am a new learner here who is aiming for the CCNA. I´ve planned that I want to go the two exam path but after reading on the Cisco site that there won´t be any sales after the 27th I ...
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