• Issue with 1.6 upgrade

    So I just tried to do the 1.6 Upgrade.  Selected the full uprgade, option, went to maintenance mode and told it to start upgrade.  Upgrade button is flashing yellow.    However, it's been over an...
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  • Frame Relay question

    Hello all,   Why can't B be one of the answers?   Does answer D mean if we use Cisco as the encryption on one end of the VC, then we have to use Cisco on the other end of the VC?   --   Which o...
    created by Learner
  • Cannot access UWM after upgrade Apache error 503 "Service Unavailable"

    I upgraded VIRL to the latest version using the "Full" option. After the upgrade, I was prompted to reboot, which I did. Upon reboot, I cannot access the UWM webpage. I get an Apache error I have rebooted the VM a ...
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  • Why are routers configured with DCE only in GNS3?

    Hello all,   Why are routers configured with DCE only in GNS3? What happened to DTE?
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  • Passed ICND2

    The weight has been lifted. Passed the ICND2 last week on the first attempt with a 921/1000.   Used the OCG, PT, CBTNuggets and the Boson Exsim practice test. Now time to rest a bit then back on the grind for an...
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  • Class B address range

    Hi Guys I am using class B address here to explain question I always see the range of valid network addresses is from - right? is it not - ? or is this the host ...
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  • redistribute subnet keyword

    Hi   I want to know deep dive on redistribute subnet keyword use, I am trying to redistribute ospf routes to bgp and vice versa, I only have one SVI and point to point IPs to redistribute from ospf ->bgp and ...
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  • VIRL PE : simulation in ABSENT

    Dear, I purchased VIRL and installed it on VMware ESXi 6.5.0 (Build 5310538). I installed VIRL  as per the Deploying VIRL with vSphere Web Client procedure, and UWM system health shows as green (except for the ...
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  • CCDE changing or going away?

    I see it has been announced that there will be a lot of changes to the certification tracks... but it doesn't seem clear what is happening to the design track. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-c...
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  • Wifi Coverage

    i need help to plan best WiFi coverage on floor plan  so need AP plotting roughly. can any one help me in this.
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  • Everything shows :-) so why do simulations fail?

    When I run the System Operation Check, everything passes but when it comes time to launch the Simulation tests I get "Launch did not finish in time limit."  The nodes just hang at scheduling and I never see my co...
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  • Books for CCNP Datacenter?

    HI All, I know the exams are Changing come February next year but I would like to study and see if I can pass two of the exams before then which I believe would translate into the new core exam. Where do I find books ...
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  • VIRL 1.6?

    I just got an email from cisco about certifications and included in it was the following blurb saying VIRL 1.6 had been released? However, my VIRL is showing no updates available.    ----------- Cisco VIRL...
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  • Issues downloading Cisco images on VIRL 1.6.65

    Hey,   Is anyone having issues downloading the below images via the VIRL Software tab? All other images downloaded np - but these continue to error out:   Package / VM Image Status Last update Runtime Succ...
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  • How  to access the practice test for CCNA 200-125PT

    Hi, I registered "200-125PT: Cisco Certified Network Associate includes Cisco Approved Practice Test (30 day access)", but I don't see how can I access the practice test? Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.
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  • CCIE R&S Study Group LFPs

    Hey all,   I've started a small study group with a 2 other people from various locations. Looking for more study partners that are interested.   We are all just starting out on the CCIE written. Want to fi...
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  • CCNP R&S >>  to >>CCNP-Enterprise after 24th Feb

    Hi, I am already CCNP R&S (recently re-certified).   I was wondering whether the re-certification policies (after the 24th Feb): Pass one technology core exam Pass any two professional concentration exams...
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  • Help recovering VIRL after power loss

    Hello,   Suffered a power loss in my VIRL running in Workstation and now it doesn't work properly. Any suggestions? Logs attached. Btw, can't do system upgrade because the System upgrade section now appears...
    created by JC
  • Site-to-Site VPN issue in VIRL LAB

    Hi all, Please help on S2S VPN in VIRL LAB. I've been struggling with Site-to-site VPN between two ASAv for couple days. I don't know why the tunnel is not up and there is no any debug information for troubleshootin...
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  • Qustion on STP

    Hi, I have a switch and hub. There are 2 redundant links between switch and hub. How does STP work in this scenario? Please explain.
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