• packet tracker,gns3,eve-ng

    Hi Friends,   To work the below command, i have tried in 3 softwares. Finally worked old tool - Packet tracker. I don't know why simple labs not works in recent softwares.   ip route 255.255.2...
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  • How to Reset a Cisco 3750 To Default Factory Settings

    still one of the most popular article and video i've done   As a consultant/contractor I usually run into the following scenario where I’m given equipment to configure and it currently has a password. Even ...
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  • Protecting A Cisco Router From Ping Flooding

    Learn how to configure a Cisco router to protect it from ICMP attacks.    In a previous article on basic Cisco router security, I described my concern about a client who didn't use a firewall with its Inte...
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  • how to configure radius for console & VTY

    here are the three key steps  
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  • Off topic: Good networking forum not for studying?

    I got some great support here when I was studying for CCNA.  I am employed and I want to find a good forum for discussing actual on the job networking issues, not exactly studying.  Does anybody have any sug...
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  • Cisco e900 router:>Status>Internet IP Address = My Public IP Address?

    Hello All,   Thank you all for your help!   I am struggling to reach out to my server via public IP address. My setup>   Server Private IP Address = 192,.168.1.107   My Public IP Address (A...
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  • 2811 IOS version for IINS

    Good day,   I have an 2811 router running 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M12a Since Cisco has stopped supporting the 2800 platform, I cannot find any info regarding what is the last i...
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  • how to setup multiple TAcas+ SERVER FOR aaa ON ios

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  • More subnetting help

    i have attached a pictires, how do they get to the answer on the following subnetting question attached
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  • PPP Chap process

    Hello all,   Is there some good explanation on PPP Chap process? The debug codes below is hard tough for me to understand     R2(config-if)#ppp authen R2(config-if)#ppp authentication chap R2(confi...
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  • CCIE SP lab experience

    Today i took my Very 1st CCIE Lab exam. and boy was i horrified. im not really sure what Cisco is looking for in Candidates, but definitely  they wont find in the way they do the testing.   Troubleshooting...
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  • Seeking Study Buddy and/or Mentor for CCENT

    I'm currently enrolled in the NetaCad CCNA 1 class at my local community college. I start CCNA 2 next week. I'm currently looking for a study partner for the CCENT and CCNA and/or mentor. I currently don't hold any ot...
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  • IPv4 Subnetting help!!!!!!

    i have attached 2 pictires, how do they get to the answers on the following subnetting questions attached
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  • Taking Exam 100-105 in 21 days!

    Hi all,   In order to renew my CompTIA certifcations and keep them current, I need to earn some more CEU before February 28, 2017, so here I am pursuing my CCENT. So far, I have utilized the following resources:...
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    Hi, I´m studying for ccnp security scitcs exam, and i saw that web security appliance has three different types of licenses. I know that in official cisco site, we can find other ones license available and dif...
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  • Question about certification exam

    I have a question about the ccnp switch exam that I failed a couple of weeks ago and it has been bugging me since. I don't want to post the question, so is there someone that I can talk to about it privately through e...
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  • Failure on my 1st ICND 2 attempt. Trying to recover

    After 1 full year of Cisco networking academy courses and revewing with the 31 days study guide I was really looking forward for some rest from my studies. Well, I failed on this first attempt so it looks like that re...
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  • ACI Shared L3Out... BD not able to associate to L3Outs

    Hello CLN and a happy Monday morning--I'm trying to configure ACI so that EPGs in one tenant (Onefish) can use a L3Out from another tenant (Bluefish) and endpoints in the Onefish EPG can ping the external subnet comin...
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  • Chassis Aggregation Management Protocols (LLDP?)

    In the official guide, it states:   Single Switch Management: Simpler operation of management protocols by running management protocols (Telnet, SSH, SNMP) on the active switch   Is LLDP also considered ...
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  • What is the impact of this news on Cisco Cloud certification path ?

    Hi   There is news that Cisco will kill its Intercloud public cloud on March 31, 2017. will be there any impact on Cisco Cloud certification Path ?   BR
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