Everything about LISP that you need to know for CCIE SP: Lesson 6: Additional use cases



    Additional use cases

    In lesson six, Piotr Jablowski continues with covering Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) use cases in preparation for the Cisco CCIE SP certification. Piotr goes over LISP VM mobility, a core principle that decouples the Identity from the topology, allowing the End-point Identifier space to be mobile without impacting the routing that interconnects the Locator IP space. Throughout this lesson, Piotr provides real NX-OS configurations, including show and debug results, along with additional use cases including routing scalability, SD-Access Fabric, SDA Border Access.


    Piotr concludes this free training video series reviewing references like "A Next Generation Networking Architecture," Advanced -Troubleshooting LISP, Enhancing VXLAN/EVPN Fabrics with LISP, and Connecting the Fabric to External Networks.


    Lesson 1: CCIE SP lab exam topics

    Lesson 2: LISP control and data plane

    Lesson 3: LISP use cases

    Lesson 4: Live demo part 1

    Lesson 5: Live demo part 2

    Lesson 6: Additional use cases

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