• Will my current CCNP Collaboration Migrate?

    Hi,   If I currently have completed the CCNP Collaboration certification by migrating the CCNP voice in 2018 by taking the CIPTV2 test, will my CCNP Collaboration certification still be valid after the coming c...
    Kevin S.
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  • New certification process - CCNP Collaboration

    Hi eveybody,   My question is about the new CCNP Collaboration certification, I want to known if with this exams 642-447 (previous to 300-070) and 300-075, can I homologate the core exam (300-081 CLCOR)? Tha...
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  • Retired CCNP voice

    ****o, I have retired CCNP voice certif but not expired. See the status. Is it still posible to transfer it to CCNP Collaboration by tating 300-075 only or would I have to start the track from beginning? Tank you.
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  • CCNP Collab Recertification Question!

    So my CCNP Collaboration cert is going to expire on June 23, 2019.  Can I pass an NP level exam on the 23rd and it will recert?  e.g. I need to figure out whether my certs expire at 11:59 PM on 6/23 or 12:00...
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  • My certification CCNP Collaboration expired the last nov/2018, what is the procedure for the recertification? take all exams again?

    Hello Team Would you please inform to me what is the procedure for the recertification of CCNP collaboration that expired the last Nov/2018, is necessary take every exams again? thks a lot for your help.
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  • I'm CCNP Collaboration certified and want to get recertified - what test do I need to take?

    I'm CCNP Collaboration certified and want to get recertified - what test do I need to take?
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  • 300-070 Study Materials

    Hi to all, soon I'll reschedule the 300-070 exam. I failed the first time I saw there are lot of questions about arguments not included in the  300-070 Official Cert Guide. Can anyone suggest me other material wh...
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  • CIPTV1 300-070 Question

    Hi I am a little bit confused about this question:   Refer to the habit:   CSS1   Partition A 1xxx 2xxx 3xxx   Partition B 3xxx 2xxx 1xxx   Partition C 1111 2222 3333   Partition D ...
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  • Which exam first? CTCOLLAB or CAPPS?

    Hi, I already did CIPTV1 and on 10.5 i go for CIPTV2.   Which exam should i take after? The CTCOLLAB or CAPPS?   From the numbering the 300-080 CTCOLLAB is first, but i think what if there are questions f...
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  • 300-080 CCNP Collab study materials

    Hello Everyone,      I'm trying to find the Cisco Press book for 300-080, but no luck.  Does anyone know where I can purchase it?  or any other good 300-080 study materials?   Than...
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  • gateway to CUCM Dial-peers configurations

    I have a router with an FXO port connected to the PSTN on POTS( voice-port 0/0/0). This router is connected to a switch via ROAS  method with these to address spaces (LAN)  and
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  • Recertification Time! A Few Questions

    Hello, I need to recertify my CCNP Collab this year. I plan to mostly use SRND for CUCM 11, as well as Expressway config guides. What version of Expressway is the exam focused on? I would like to maximize my study tim...
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  • SIP Network With ITSP

    1. how the Telecome Providers Connect SIP Network ? 2. when we uses Private Cell Phones which protocol dose it uses to Connect Telcommunication ISP 3. is it Possible to uses CUCM for Cell Phone Registration and Call r...
    Hashim Basheer
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  • Cisco VoIP phone with sidecar

    I have one of those Cisco phone with sidecar, something similar to this one, https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/collaboration-endpoints/spa500ds-digital-expansion-module/data_sheet_c… I plug it ...
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  • Extension Mobility Logout Error "Host not Found"

    Hello all,   I have installed Cisco CUCM v.12 and configured Extension Mobility followed the configuration guide step by step, all the profiles were logged in successfully, however when I'm trying to log out the...
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  • New CUBE Book Coming December 6th

    A new Cisco Press book, "Understanding Session Border Controllers..." is coming out December 6th. Already pre-ordered mine. Here is a link: Understanding Session Border Controllers: Comprehensive Guide to Designing, ...
    Sebastian Zwolinski
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  • Dial-Peer incoming question

    Hi, I have a question about the dial-peer voice 1 pots part on below configuration. The sceenshots below are from a video tutorial. On that part of configuration, why did the call connected even if it doesn’t ha...
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  • SIP

    1. how the Telecome Providers Connect h.323 to SIP Network ? 2. when we uses Private Cell Phones which protocol dose it uses to Connect Telcommunication ISP 3. is it Possible to uses CUCM for Cell Phone Registration...
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  • CIPTV1 - 300-070 - Terrible exam quality

    I am a CCSI instructor and hold multiple Professional level certifications. I have been working with Cisco kit for almost 15 years now. I have sat many Cisco exams, proctored and unproctored and at all levels from ENT...
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  • CCNP Voice to CCNP Collaboration

    Valid CCNP Voice certification with the following exams;   642-642 QOS 642-456 CIPT2 642-446 CIPT1 642-436 CVoice 642-426 Troubleshooting   What is required to convert to CCNP Collaboration?
    Simon Maclean
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