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    Will my current CCNP Collaboration Migrate?

    Kevin S.



      If I currently have completed the CCNP Collaboration certification by migrating the CCNP voice in 2018 by taking the CIPTV2 test, will my CCNP Collaboration certification still be valid after the coming changes go into effect?


      My Current CCNP Collaboration is valid till 2021. Because the CCNP Collaboration is changing I would like to know if I need to take the migration test before February 24, 2020? 


      If I do not take the migration test will I need to take 4 tests after that time or will I only need to take one NP level test to re-certify?


      Basically I want to make sure I am not starting over after maintaining my certifications dating back to 2011, as starting over would not be fun   .


      Thanks Cisco for your teams response.